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Lighting control offers local and remote control of lights in your house. Aside from turning on/off or dimming individual lighting or lighting groups, it is also possible to define lighting scenes. Lighting scenes involve numerous lighting, every preset to habit subdued degree. They’re for producing different atmospheres at the home each accommodating particular moods or occasions. You’re able to recall lighting scenes using a single press of a button or perhaps pre-scheduled. Below are some examples: At bedtime the system can automatically dim down the lights gradually after your child has gone to bed exactly the same way as the sun goes down. This way your child can fall sound asleep without you having to escape bed to manually flip them off. You may use the lights to automatically turn along your most traversed path in the night. Setting the alert when leaving can automatically turn off all the lights along with additional plugged in devices. Shutters may be closed and at precisely exactly the identical time the outside lights turned on (under pre-programmed lighting requirements ). When you’re away the system can simulate occupancy by turning the Fényes Fényszórók Előre Beállított Értékei hu lights off and on exactly the same way as though you were still already home, maintaining burglars off from the property. Lights can also be dimmed dependent on the total amount of external lighting to maintain a constant light level and help you save energy at exactly the same moment. Inviting your love around for a romantic dinner? Do you wish to spend the day with your spouse without the kids? Having a suitable lighting spectacle you can create a romantic atmosphere with the sounds of gentle music. The rest is up to you. Are the lights too bright when viewing TV? If so, then set the appropriate lighting mood and you can certainly engross yourself in your favorite picture. If you are inviting company and need to flaunt your newest paintings or just want a comfy lighting mood. FutureNow modules That May Be used for light controller: FNIP-6x2AD 6 Channel Ethernet Smart Dimmer FN485-8x16A 8 Channel Bus Relay Alter FNIP-8x16A 8 Channel Ethernet Relay Switch FNIP-12xIO 12 +1 Channel Ethernet Relay Switch with Analogue Inputs FNIP-12xPWM 12 Channel Ethernet LED Dimmer FNIP-RGB/Channel Ethernet LED along with Low-voltage Dimmer

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