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MUDs and MOOS evolved into Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games , where users play a version of a game that includes access to a persistent world online through the game’s interface. Virtual Tabletop – A computer program or website/web application that enables live play online. Usually involves a randomizer for live die rolls and may also include maps, counters, character sheets and even rules references. VTs enable play through Voice over Internet, often on a global scale. Story Games – Are RPGs which focus more on the overall story than character building or rules enforcing. Most RPGs can be made to be more story driven given the predisposition of the GM/Players, but clearly some RPGs are more tailored to this style of play. Epistolary Richard compiled a blog post on the origin of the term.

  • In some cases one can set a price of zero and still complete the "purchase", in essence getting a free game or supplement.
  • Retro-Clone – a game that is designed to emulate the rules of an older out of print game .
  • PWYW ("Pay What You Want") – a pricing method where the customer sets his own price to purchase an RPG item from a publisher or online retailer.
  • Much less controversial than railroading, in part because it is much harder to avoid.
  • Instead of paying for a large print run and then storing it while it sells of unit by unit over a period of time, some publishers decide to print only on demand.

2) Referring to the desire to roll dice instead of acting out character interactions. The act of bringing a character back from the dead in a game as opposed to having to create a new one. Railroading – Referring to a game’s story being forced in a particular direction most often by the GM, usually by the environment being constructed or manipulated to make only one action viable. Point-Based – Having characters that are ‘constructed’ with a budget of points for attributes, skills, abilities, etc; generally as opposed to being determined randomly at character creation. Optional Rules – Published rules but used at the discretion of the Game Master. Rules not designed to be part of base rules, but can be used, , to alter game play.

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Indie or Indie RPG – 1) A role-playing game which is created, produced and released outside of traditional mainstream ways. These are often self-published or done by very small press publishers where the creative control generally remains with the designer. 2) Occasionally refers to anything not produced by the big companies, (Wizards of the Coast, Green Ronin, White Wolf, etc.), in the RPG industry. Hexcrawl – a style of gaming, typically Sandbox in nature, where the goal of play is to explore and interact with a geographical region that is mapped using a hex grid. There are often specific rules associated with "revealing" the contents of each hex, travel between hexes, etc. A Pointcrawl is a similar type of game, but with no hexes, only gamemaster defined points of interest on the map, sometimes with lines of travel marked between them. GM Fiat – The ability for the Game Master to make a judgment that may not follow the rules explicitly but is usually done to speed up play or to re-balance the game while playing.

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2) A person who disrupts play by excessive references to rules in play. 3) A player who misrepresents the rules for their own advantage in play. RPG Item – Geekdo defines this as any single item of role-playing game paraphernalia. Role-play – The act of taking on Shooting Games the role of a character. May be done in any of several modes, including 1st-person dialog, 3rd person narration of action, or even 1st person improvisational acting. 1) Often derogatory, used to imply that manipulation of the game system has replaced imagination.

Stats – The numerical value applied to elements of a game. 2) The numbers detailing how much damage a sword does. 3) The details of how an object, such as a vehicle, interacts with its fictitious environment. Skill-Based – Having characters that are defined by narrowly-defined skills, e.g. "Broadsword," "Fast-Talk." Rules-Light – Having few rules, leaving much up to player fiat and/or social contract. Rules Lawyer – 1) A person known for arguing GM rules calls by recourse to quoting the rules from the rulebooks.

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Magical Tea Party or MTP – a derogatory term for play dominated heavily by GM Fiat or use of non-codified abilities. Very occasionally considered a bad thing in itself, but far more often objected to because no rulebook should be needed to do it, so a game system that depends on it too heavily delivers limited value for money. Lone Wolf – The act of playing an RPG with just a DM and a single player. Possibly stems from the Lone Wolf solo adventure books, later turned into an RPG.

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